Sam Smith is a member of the Tomato Task Force, and was a participant of the Great Tomato War.

The Great Tomato WarEdit

Sam Smith was a member of the United States Armed Forces, and a specialist in disguises who was assigned to Mason Dixon's Tomato Task force.  Dixon ordered Smith to infiltrate the tomato's camp, presumably to gather intelligence about their activities.  Smith subsequently disguised himself in a homemade tomato costume, reached the tomato's camp, and blended in, including eating human flesh to keep up his disguise.

However, Smith accidentally gave himself away when he asked for ketchup to go with his food.

After the WarEdit

Despite accidentally revealing himself to the tomatoes as a spy, Smith somehow survived, as he was living an ordinary life ten years after the conclusion of the war.  When Professor Gangreene once threatened humanity with his genetically modified tomatoes, Wilbur Finletter called Smith back into action.  Disguising himself as a cowboy, Smith helped Finletter and Greg Colburn in infiltrating Gangreene's mansion, and in the subsequent attack on a local prison, which he managed to survive. 

With Gangreene defeated, Smith was among those who wished Wilbur's newphew, Chad, happiness in his new relationship with Tara.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Smith was enthusiastic and dedicated to his work, despite the questionable quality of his disguises, which included George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, a tomato, and a cowboy.

Behind the Scenes and TriviaEdit

  • Smith was played by Garry Smith in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and by Frank Davis in Return of the Killer Tomates and KIller Tomatoes Strike Back!
  • In the director's commentary for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, John De Bello revealed that his mother created Smith's tomato costume.