Greg Colburn is a member of the Tomato Task Force, and was a participant of the Great Tomato War.

The Great Tomato WarEdit

As a member of the United States Armed Forces who specializes in underwater environments,  Colburn was assigned to Mason Dixon's Tomato Task Force at the onset of the war.  He was driven out to a desert area near San Diego to be on the lookout for tomato activity. 

After making his way back to the city, Colburn went swimming in a public fountain, presumably believing that there were tomatoes hiding in the water.  This was his last known contribution to the war.

After the WarEdit

When the Great Tomato War was over, Colburn retired to his underwater home.  Ten years later, however, he was called back into action by fellow Task Force member Wilbur Finletter, in order to deal with Profressor Gangreene and his tomato menace.

Joining up with Wilbur and fellow Task Force member Sam Smith, Colburn participated in the assault on Gangreene's mansion, and then journeyed with his team-mates to a local prison in an effort to stop Gangreene for good.  After surviving a desperate shoot-out with several tomatoes, Colburn fought with former White House Press Secretary Jim Richardson, and managed to hold him long enough for Wilbur to subdue once agin.

With Gangreene defeated, Colburn was among those who wished Wilbur's newphew, Chad, happiness in his new relationship with Tara.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Colburn was completely dedicated to his underwater skills, so much so that he always wore a wetsuit and SCUBA gear, even on dry land when there was no water to be seen for miles around.  As a result of wearing his SCUBA gear, he was unable to speak, and instead relied on notes written on cards to communicate with others.

Behind the Scenes and TriviaEdit

  • Colburn was played by actor Steve Cates in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and by Ian Hutton in Return of the Killer Tomatoes.